There’s no point in simply producing great content. 

If you don’t build an audience for it, you’re wasting precious resources.

And it’s more than just a numbers game... Yes, it’s great to have videos viewed thousands or tens of thousands of times.

But what matters more is who those viewers are and how they respond to watching your videos. For example, do they stay on your website, make a purchase, or share your content with others? 

Distribution is a key part of what Ember Television does. 

We’ll identify where your online audience goes online, then push your content into spaces where it’ll have the biggest influence. 

Through a combination of SEO, blogging and social marketing, we’ll ensure your message hits the spot.

We generally urge caution when dealing with companies who charge for guaranteed views. Often those views are worth very little. But we do work with trusted video seeding partners who will deliver results. 




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Why thought leadership?

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Why strategy?

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