Return on investment dictates every business decision, and marketing decisions are no different.

You need to know that every penny or cent you invest in video content is delivering maximum value.

That’s why everything Ember Television does is based on solid evidence - on strategies and techniques that are proven to produce results. 

It’s also why we put so much emphasis on analytics - on providing you with the tools you need to measure the impact your videos are having.

As a customer of ours, you’ll be given secure access - 24/7 - to a client area on our website.

You’ll not only be able to find out how many people are watching, but where those people are, how they respond to each video and so on.

You can also check on how your videos are helping your online influence grow.

Of course we’re proud of the videos we make. But we’re prouder still of the results they achieve - and the value for money we provide.