Why video?

Blogs and infographics have a part to play, but why do we particularly recommend video content? 

First, it’s very accessible. Almost everyone with a computer, tablet or smartphone watches video on them. 

Because it communicates simultaneously via two senses - sight and hearing - video has impact. It appeals far more effectively than the written word to our emotions - and it’s more memorable.

Let’s look at some figures…

  • 96% of consumers find videos helpful when making purchases online. 
  • In another survey, 93% of consumers said instructional videos were useful after they've made a purchase.
  • This infographic by Hubspot shows that including a video in email marketing improves click-through rates by 200% - 300%.
  • Video also works wonders for SEO. Research by Searchmetrics shows that the best performing results use video to enhance the user experience of a website, which sends positive signals to search engines leading to better rankings.

Online video is, in fact, the fastest growing medium in history…