Why video? | Rationale | Ember Television

Why video?

Blogs and infographics have a part to play, but why do we particularly recommend video content? 

First, it’s very accessible. Almost everyone with a computer, tablet or smartphone watches video on them. 

Because it communicates simultaneously via two senses - sight and hearing - video has impact. It appeals far more effectively than the written word to our emotions - and it’s more memorable.

Let’s look at some figures…

  • 96% of consumers find videos helpful when making purchases online. 
  • In another survey, 93% of consumers said instructional videos were useful after they've made a purchase.
  • This infographic by Hubspot shows that including a video in email marketing improves click-through rates by 200% - 300%.
  • Video also works wonders for SEO. Research by Searchmetrics shows that the best performing results use video to enhance the user experience of a website, which sends positive signals to search engines leading to better rankings.

Online video is, in fact, the fastest growing medium in history…

Why video? | Rationale | Ember Television



Do our staff need media training?

If the plan is for your staff to be in front of camera, then it's worth preparing them.


Do we need a presenter?

Presenting your own videos can be a great way of humanising your business. There are some instances when a professional presenter, or simply a voiceover, will do the job.


How long should our videos be?

The optimum length of online video depends on different factors, such as who your target audience are.


Should we include music in our videos?

A well-chosen piece of music can make all the difference to your video - if it's appropriate.