Why thought leadership? | Rationale | Ember Television

Why thought leadership?

Companies come to Ember Television in search of influence. But even more valuable than having influence is to be a thought leader. Achieving thought leadership for every client is our ultimate goal.

Being a thought leader is to be recognised as one of the foremost authorities in a particular area - and the go-to individual or organisation for that expertise.

Commercially, it’s extremely beneficial - especially in the professional services sector, where customers typically find it hard to differentiate between different companies.

Primarily it’s expertise that those customers are looking for.

A survey of major buyers found that 75% of respondents evaluated a company's thought leadership to determine whether they would purchase from them.  

Marketers often refer to the Rule of Seven. It’s an old adage but firmly supported by research. Simply put, buyers need to see or hear your message at least seven times before they a purchase.

Of course, in the Internet age, all or most of the seven touchpoints occur online. 

Whether it’s through videos, blogs or infographics - or ideally a combination of those - we can help you establish thought leadership, so that when companies are ready to make a purchase, it’s you that they come to.

Why thought leadership? | Rationale | Ember Television



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