Why broadcast-quality video production? | Rationale | Ember Television

Why broadcast-quality?

Online video is an extremely effective medium. But that doesn’t mean any video will do.

In fact, poor-quality video content damages your brand. If you’re not willing to invest in it properly, you’re better off not doing it at all. 

A study in 2013 showed that 62% of consumers are more likely to have a negative perception of a brand that publishes a poor-quality video, 57% are less likely to share it, and 23% would hesitate to purchase from that brand as a result. (Source: Brightcove)

Separate research found that 90% of consumers say video quality is important. HD resolution was a key factor but, interestingly, high-quality sound was what mattered most. (Source: Screen Digest)

That’s why we insist on broadcast-quality for every video we produce. And we don’t just mean high technical standards, but content that’s original and creative, that’s carefully scripted and produced. 

Remember, your content is an extension of your brand. If your brand says “cheap and cheerful”, fair enough, lower production values may well suffice.

But if you want to communicate excellence - products or services your customers can really trust - you have no option but to invest in quality.

Why broadcast-quality video production? | Rationale | Ember Television



Do our staff need media training?

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Do we need a presenter?

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How long should our videos be?

The optimum length of online video depends on different factors, such as who your target audience are.


Should we include music in our videos?

A well-chosen piece of music can make all the difference to your video - if it's appropriate.