Why analytics?

We keep hearing about data being the future of marketing, and that marketing professionals are investing more resources in analytics.

But they’re making slow progress.

One survey showed that only 37% of marketeers routinely gain insight from analytics. And only 28% of those used the data to track the most critical thing of all - return on investment.

At Ember Television, we prioritise analytics.

Why? Because they have so much to tell us.

By monitoring the number of views for each video, we can see which which are proving most popular, and can tailor the length, style, tone and content of future videos accordingly.

We can also find out where viewers come from and how they find our clients’ videos. 

Analytics show us whether we’re reaching the right demographic. Again, if not, we can review the type of videos we’re producing. 

If people aren’t watching a video through to the end, we can see the exact point they switch off - and learn for next time.

Finally, we can see who’s sharing the videos - and specifically which ones - which helps us build a bigger audience.

So, yes, we use analytics - not just to illustrate reports, but to achieve better and better results for our customers.