What prices do your videos start at?

We’re often asked how much a video costs, but there’s no simple answer. There are a whole range of factors involved.

For example, a one-off video is more expensive than a series of ten videos which include sections of the same interviews or similar graphics. 

Say you’re looking for a video that’s very straightforward. If whoever you want to appear in it comes to us, and you provide us with any other material required, we can produce a stand-alone video for as little as £600.

If we come to you, the minimum price would be around £800.

But remember, content marketing isn’t a quick fix. To build an audience, you really need a series of videos or, better still, an on-going campaign.

And you’ll always find someone to do it more cheaply. But this is your brand you’re talking about. Can you really afford to risk having a video that’s less than high quality?