How can we keep the cost down? | Video Production FAQ | Ember Television

How can we keep the cost down?

If you want to keep the cost of video production down, there are various you can do.

For example, you can arrange for all the filming, including any interviews, to take place on, say, one day instead of two, or two locations rather than three.

You can also plan ahead… For example, if we’re making a video for you but you know you’re going to want another in the next few months, is there any filming we can do, or are there any additional questions we can ask in the interviews to reduce the amount of filming required next time?

The simple reason why we as a company are able to keep our prices so competitive is that we’re very organised. If you can be organised too - for example, by giving us a thorough brief, making people available for interview, or providing us with any additional footage or images required - we can share any cost savings with you.

How can we keep the cost down? | Video Production FAQ | Ember Television



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