How many videos should we make?

In the past, companies would typically invest in a single corporate video.

It might be refreshed every now and again, but it would often last two or three years.

But today’s communications landscape is completely different. Organisations are coming to realise that the way to build influence is to produce content on a regular basis that people want to consume.

Having a single video on your website and on YouTube, for example, is of course far preferable to having none at all.

But to build an an audience you need to publish content again and again. 

You might be thinking of a homepage video that includes, say, an interview with your chief executive and with two or three customers. 

Why not have three videos made at the same time - a homepage video, a profile of your chief exec and a testimonials video?

Ideally, in the longer term, you should be looking at an on-going video campaign.