How do we know our videos will reach our target audience?

Ember Television doesn’t just produce broadcast-quality content. 

We tailor our content for - and deliver it to - your target audience.

The only way to guarantee a specific number of views for your videos is to to pay for what’s called video seeding - and we do work with companies specialising in that area.

But, depending on how many views you’re looking for, the cost can be prohibitive. It’s also somewhat hit and miss.

Our own approach is more effective. 

As part of our service we optimise every video for YouTube. We’ll also advise you on other platforms, such as Vimeo.

If you’d like us to, we can also provide and implement a content distribution service - comprising a combination of PR, blogging and social media. 

No one should expect instant results. But whoever you’re trying to reach, if you regularly publish content they want to consume, you will connect with them.