Giving students real opportunities: Working with Willmott Dixon

Giving students real opportunities: Working with Willmott Dixon

Posted on: 20 April 2015

Birmingham City University has a great reputation for giving their students the chance to break out of the lecture theatre and develop their skills in real world situations.

In this case, their architecture students were able to get involved with the next stage of Birmingham City University's development project at Eastside. The placements were hosted by Willmott Dixon, the construction firm contracted by the University to complete the building. 

The new Curzon Street building for BCU, part of Eastside development

This video case study tells the stories of two students and the invaluable experience they gained from working on a project that will not only be significant for the University, but also for the regeneration of the city of Birmingham.                

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Giving students real opportunities: Working with Willmott Dixon



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