Getting back to normal, with the help of video
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Getting back to normal, with the help of video

Author: James Cresswell | Posted on: 6 May 2021

During a time when the ability to connect with others has been fractured, video has played a huge role in peoples’ lives over the past year. It’s helped friends and families to keep in touch during lockdown, it’s helped people to access live entertainment while venues are closed, and - as we’ve discussed on this blog before - it has certainly helped businesses to keep customers and employees updated during this time of great uncertainty.

As restrictions are slowly being eased, it’s the perfect time to consider how video can continue working as an essential asset for businesses on the road back to normality.

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Remind people what your brand is all about

However your business has fared during the pandemic, now is the perfect time to restate what your brand’s identity is all about and to show how you fit into the post-COVID world. As Ashleigh Steinhobel, writing for Campaign writes:

“What better time for brands to embrace their vitality than our collective return to the real world. As we emerge from the screen-bound fog of lockdown and into the hopeful light of day, let bland give way to bravery; let's bring back bold statements in place of generic expressions. In a sea of deteriorating equity, now is the time to think differently – multidimensionally, experientially – about distinctiveness: to know your brand’s core truth and to bring it to life with vigour and imagination.”

The Drum note, for example, how Heineken - exactly one year on from their first #SocialiseResponsibly campaign at the start of lockdown - are taking an optimistic and celebratory look towards social life after lockdown, “[praising] people’s resilience and creativity over the last year and look[ing] at how people have found inventive ways to keep the spirit of ‘going out’ alive from the safety of their own homes.”




Showcase what you've been doing during the pandemic

It’s been a truly unique time for businesses, and one that is certainly worth documenting. Vlogs or short social media videos, for example, could be a great way of talking authentically about things that people can really relate to - like how your workforce adjusted to working from home, or what you did to support your local community during the pandemic.

Testimonials and case study videos too, as well as being great marketing resources all year round, can take on an extra degree of relevance in the wake of the pandemic. They can highlight the working relationships that you’ve established and maintained during a uniquely challenging point in history - and, as we explored in an earlier blog, there are a host of great methods for producing these kinds of videos under the current restrictions.

Clearly outline your safety measures

Returning to normal will be a gradual process and, as workers return to offices and students return to on-campus learning, it’s important that businesses and institutions are able to reassure people that health and safety is still a priority. When it comes to clarifying precautions that people will need to take before visiting your premises, for example, video can be a valuable tool - especially for clearly showing the measures that you have in place.

When pubs first reopened in July, for example, a video like this one released by the government addresses some of the practical questions people may have had about making their way to a table, or safety ordering their drinks.

Simple animation can be a powerful way of emphasising important safety details too, with the visual component of distinct icons and characters helping to make the messaging that little bit more broad and memorable.

Though the future is starting to get brighter, the road towards restrictions being lifted could still be a bit of a bumpy one for businesses. By getting a clear idea of what you need to say, and of what your audience would be interested in hearing; you can definitely use video as a pivotal tool for smoothing out the journey ahead.

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Author: James Cresswell

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Getting back to normal, with the help of video



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