Follow the leader: Using authority to persuade leads to choose you
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Follow the leader: Using authority to persuade leads to choose you

Author: Sam Lewis | Posted on: 13 October 2016

Think back to the last time you made a big decision.

It might have been buying a new TV, where to go on holiday, how to cook a special recipe, or even how to vote on Brexit.

Whenever we have to make choices, many of us will look to what the experts have to say. These are people who have dedicated a large amount of time to thinking deeply about a particular field, product or subject.

They could be academics, specialists like Martin Lewis at Money Saving Expert, doctors, professionals, or (dare I say it) journalists.

Whoever it is, authority plays a big part in how we make decisions. When we understand why and how to use it, it becomes a powerful tool for persuading people.

Continuing our series on the psychology of persuasion, Robin looks at the role that authority plays in the decision-making process. It includes a shocking experiment from the 1970s, what it means for marketers, and how you can use it in your sales and marketing.

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Author: Sam Lewis

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Sam is a Senior Producer at Ember Television. As well as working with clients across a diverse range of sectors from around the world, he has a particular interest in technology and creative ideas - especially when the two combine. Sam has lived in Birmingham since graduating with an MA with distinction from the University of Birmingham.
Follow the leader: Using authority to persuade leads to choose you



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