The perfect social media post - part 1

The perfect social media post - part 1

Posted on: 28 July 2017

The perfect social media post

Does the perfect social media post exist?

Social media content creation is an essential part of any digital marketers role and is often a long and laborious process. As a result, it can be quite easy to get into a routine when writing your social content, making it less and less engaging.

But what if we told you that we have the formula to creating the perfect ‘successful’ social media post? Of course we would be lying as there isn’t a sure fire way to engage an audience, however, there are things you should be considering to give your content the best chance of receiving a high amount of impressions and engagement.

Over the next two weeks, we will look at what makes a successful social media post and how each social platform can promote your organisation.

What makes a successful post?

Firstly, consider what makes a social media post ‘successful’? A meme that goes ‘viral’ and attracts thousands of likes may be seen by some as a successful post but, for organisations this might not be the success they are looking for. Although you may want to break up your content with more lighthearted posts, generally a meme or funny ‘fail’ video is not going to bring in sales leads. The perfect social media posts for organisations are those that increase brand awareness, engage your audience and drive traffic to your website.

Moreover, there isn’t one type of post that can achieve all of this for you, so we would recommend creating a social media strategy, outlining what you want your social media to achieve. 

When it comes to setting your strategy, make sure you disclose what you want your tone of voice to be online, as well as how much content you want to cover sales, increasing brand awareness and so on. In addition to this, funny content does perform well on social, so if this fits your brand, it may be worth considering for inclusion.

Next, contemplate the style you would like each post to follow. Are you running a promotion or campaign that you want to make your followers aware of? If so, you might want to make these simple and straightforward, ‘Head over to our Facebook page and take advantage of our limited time offers today!’. On the other hand, if your post is intended to be brand-focused, avoid the direct sales pitch approach. Instead, you should post something which interests your followers, a ‘top tip’ or ‘fun fact’ will also help you to promote you as a thought leader in your industry.

Keeping firmly in mind your social strategy and what each post is intended to achieve will make sure you create content that hits the mark and is successful.

Next week we will look at which social platforms you should utilise, and the creative assets you should consider using to keep your audience engaged. 

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The perfect social media post - part 1



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