Testimonials: why video beats text
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Testimonials: why video beats text

Author: James Cresswell | Posted on: 20 May 2021


You can’t argue with the power of testimonials and word-of-mouth. Marketing writer and psychologist Robert Cialdini, in his book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, wrote about the prominence of ‘social proof’, whereby:

“Without question, when people are uncertain, they are more likely to use others’ actions to decide how they themselves should act.”

This principle of social proof is why reviews and testimonials play such a crucial role in making decisions like what to purchase, or who to work with - hence why testimonials should definitely play a role in any business’ marketing strategy.

You may be thinking, though: if I can just put simple text quotes on my website, why is it worth my while to go through the extra steps of producing video?

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Video is more engaging than pure text

When marketing on the basis of social proof, being able to see a real person’s face and hear their voice can make all the difference. Video adds a crucial layer of nuance, relatability, and authenticity to a testimonial that can’t be conveyed through straight text.

Additionally, since many social media platforms are now optimised for sharing video - video content online has flourished in terms of user engagement and shareability. Collecting together research from various platforms, Social Media Today note that:

“Tweets with video see 10x more engagement than those without … LinkedIn users are 20 times more likely to share a video on the platform than any other post, Pinterest users are 2.6 times more likely to make a purchase after viewing brand video content on the platform, [and] video generates more engagement than any other content type on Instagram.”

You can convey more information in less time

To work effectively on your website, a simple text quote would have to be exactly that: short and simple. With a video however, you can communicate a lot more, while still keeping your video to a snappy length. Take a look at this 30-second social media clip we worked on with Foehn and JPIMedia, for example:

Through our choice of shots - focusing on employees’ headsets, phones, and computer screens - we can visually establish that Foehn’s offering revolves around communication technology, while allowing the actual testimonial component to focus on illustrating how easy Foehn was to work with. Similarly - by using upbeat music, and being able to show the two companies meeting, we’re able to effectively emphasise the points being made - allowing the video to feel less like a review, and more like an emotionally engaging story.

Video production can be more convenient than you may realise

Producing a video doesn’t have to involve as much travel and expense as you may think. Earlier on in the year, we published a blog outlining how video conferencing technology and animation can be two really convenient methods for producing testimonials remotely.

If you’d be interested in finding out more about what a testimonial or case study video could do for your business - feel free to contact us.

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Author: James Cresswell

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James is our copywriter and social media manager here at Ember Television. He joined us after studying an MA programme in Film and Television: Research and Production at the University of Birmingham.
Testimonials: why video beats text



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