Reinforcing your brand identity with video
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Reinforcing your brand identity with video

Author: James Cresswell | Posted on: 30 April 2021

For businesses in any industry, branding is a key priority. When it comes to setting yourself apart from the competition, directing energy to building an identity and a personality for your business can make all of the difference in the world.

The role that video can play in this process should definitely not be overlooked. When working on a video for your business, there will be a number of opportunities to further develop this brand identity that you shouldn’t take for granted.

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Reinforce a consistent visual style

Video branding is about so much more than just slapping a logo at the start and end of a video. Using information that you provide - about your brand’s colour scheme, for example, or typeface - we’re able to create an array of visual elements that can reinforce your branding and aesthetic across various videos. These can include lower-thirds for giving information about interviewees, transitions between scenes, and all manner of animated elements.

When working on a series of animated explainer videos for Birmingham City University’s international student recruitment, for example, you can see how all of the backgrounds, the text, and the objects are all designed to fit with and emphasise the established style of the university’s other marketing content. The power of developing this kind of memorable and consistent identity cannot be understated either, as one particular study found:

The Secret Life of Search used eye-tracking technology to uncover new insights about how searchers interact with the Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page) … [The researchers noted] that a brand’s familiarity was far more persuasive than how highly it ranked on the SERP, with participants willing to scroll down to position 8 or 9 to find a familiar brand.”

Show, don't tell your brand values

One of the fundamental principles of visual storytelling, since the earliest days of cinema, has been “show, don’t tell”. As independent film festival and film school Raindance note:

“One of the biggest advantages film has over other art forms, such as radio or novels, is the ability of the filmmaker to show the audience visual aspects of the story in almost infinite detail. Indeed the first 30 years of film were devoid of all exposition through dialogue, while title cards were few and far between - filmmakers relied on the [visual] action… to tell the story. The old saying holds true - a picture is worth 1000 words, and what is a movie if not 150,000 pictures shown one after the other?”

In terms of authentically presenting your brand values, this more passive approach can be ideal. Rather than outright declaring what’s important to your business, you’re able to guide the viewer into organically reaching that conclusion themselves. This is certainly something that we took into account when producing the below video to publicise the re-branding of Birmingham Live:

The Birmingham Live team sent us over 200 photos - the result of a photography project they had commissioned to capture the essence of Birmingham life - and we used these to communicate all the essential information about the site's new direction and their key promises to readers. We selected the photos we thought best paired with each line of our script to emphasise its message, then timed each moment with the beats of a triumphant music track to encourage a sense of excitement and celebration. We also implemented a fast-paced editing style that cut to sections of the image just before your eye would naturally be drawn to them, to reflect the 'live' and 'up-to-the-minute' nature of the new branding.

Think about sound

We’ve talked in a previous blog post about the process of picking music for a video, and how important that can be for putting the right tone and momentum behind your video’s message. Audio can do more for your brand than just provide background music, though.

Consider the many brands that use short sound stabs to accompany their visual logos: the deep “da-dum” of Netflix, for example, or McDonalds’ short “I’m lovin’ it” jingle. These kinds of “sonic logos”, when used as consistently as your brand’s visual elements, can really work towards building and maintaining long-term recognisability. Many studies that talk about this refer to these as sort of “mnemonic” devices, playing on the ability that music has to resonate directly with our emotions and memories - as Clara Gustafsson writes in Sonic Branding: A Consumer-Oriented Literature Review:

“In recent years, sonic branding has gained strategic importance for strong brands … Music affects consumers instantly - and can be a powerful marketing tool - notably because of its ability to invoke nostalgic memories and strong feelings related to these…”

Producing a video gives you a broad audiovisual canvas on which to build and expand your brand - you can bring your business’ visual identity to life through animation, for example, and concisely illustrate your story and values through sincere visual storytelling.

With our resources and our expertise in video production, marketing, and graphic design; we’ve worked with a number of businesses to put their brand personalities at the forefront of their video content. If you’re interested in knowing more about how we can work with you, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Author: James Cresswell

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James is our copywriter and social media manager here at Ember Television. He joined us after studying an MA programme in Film and Television: Research and Production at the University of Birmingham.
Reinforcing your brand identity with video



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