Market leading software recruits the right partners with top quality video

Market leading software recruits the right partners with top quality video

Posted on: 9 September 2016

We recently published a post about how to make the most of a video marketing budget. One of the points was that when planning your video content, think ahead and include filming clips and interviews you need for future videos.

Planning for future content

An example of this working in practice is the above video for Apteco. It's a short piece to promote their Partners programme. Apteco sells their flagship product FastStats through partners worldwide. In return for selling Apteco's market-leading product, partners receive support and consultancy to deliver excellent service to their clients. The video is used on their website and in social media channels to demonstrate the value they can add to their partners.

In this instance, we were actually there to film a homepage video (watch it here). But with extra planning - a few additional questions and extra shots in the shot list - we were able to film and store the footage to be edited at a later date. The above video is the result. 

This production approach is efficient and cost-effective. More and more communicators are using it as video becomes a key part of the online experience. Audiences expect rich media and organisations need to provide it. Smart methods like this are a way of delivering it in a way that meets demand without compromising on quality.


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Market leading software recruits the right partners with top quality video



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