Investor Behaviour: Evidence-Based Investing Insights Part 4

Investor Behaviour: Evidence-Based Investing Insights Part 4

Posted on: 11 March 2015

What influences our investing decisions? Why do we invest in one set of stocks, but not another? Herd mentailty, recency and confirmation bias are just a few of the behaviourial biases that are explored in the final part of Evidence-Based Investing Insights from Independence Advisors.

The series was designed to explain the academic research into investing in an accessible way for investors. With a better understanding, clients can appreciate the adviser and the work they do on their behalf. 

If you've missed parts one to three, follow the links below to catch up.

Catch up

Part 1: Market Pricing

Part 2: Diversification

Part 3: Return Factors


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Investor Behaviour: Evidence-Based Investing Insights Part 4



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