In marketing, explaining what you do is half the battle
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In marketing, explaining what you do is half the battle

Author: Sam Willet | Posted on: 31 January 2019

Have you ever, upon meeting someone new, had to explain what you do for a living? Chances are, the answer is yes. In which case, did you find it difficult? Or, did you worry about how incredibly boring you sounded?

From personal and professional experience, I know that people often have problems explaining what they do in social situations. Some people don’t like talking about work, and others, whilst being very protective of their career choices, are worried about the judgements somebody else might make.

But whilst it can be something you dread when you’re invited to a dinner party or wedding, explaining what you do is absolutely vital to the success of your business. To assume that somebody else knows what your company does, or who you are professionally, is folly.

You might have thought, whilst on the receiving end of someone else’s spiel at a networking event, that you’re not actually that bothered about learning about what somebody else does. But then again, I’d wager that during a conversation, many of us have had an epiphany where we realise either what is interesting about the other person, or in a more cynical sense, how they can be useful to us.

So it is with marketing. For a lot of companies, half the battle is explaining what you do. We can’t all sell trainers and fizzy drinks - you might run a company that sells specialist machinery to clean brewing equipment, for example, or a waste management firm that’s using pioneering technology to increase sustainability. You might even fix potholes faster than anyone else.

But being a specialist, having a niche, is a great thing - chances are that to grow as a business, you followed demand to get to where you are now. Also, there’s never been a better time to make or sell something that needs explaining. Your marketing and sales strategy needn’t be all about going to meetings and events and ‘pressing the flesh’ - as important as that is, now you can cost-effectively use content to explain what you offer in a fast, convenient, and engaging way.

One of our recent videos is a good example. Ember’s sister brand, Regis Media, caters exclusively for the marketing and client education needs of financial planners. But within that industry, there are different labels that professionals use to identify themselves - typically for financial services, it can all get a bit confusing for the consumer. So, what did we do? We made a quick, charming animated video explaining what a financial planner actually does. It may sound simple, and in fact it’s part of a series called The Basics of Investing, but within 24 hours of posting about our video on our Adviser 2.0 blog, we’ve already had a lot of enquiries from planners who have a real need for that kind of content.

Try explaining to a friend or family member what your business does, providing the important details which your clients would need. Then, check if they understand clearly what you’ve told them. If the answer is no, it’s time to think about how you can take some time to script a piece of clear content to do this job for you. If the answer is yes, great - you’re one step closer to marketing your services effectively. But as a follow up, think about how you get the word out. If it’s just you and a couple of colleagues, networking and using the ‘gift of the gab’ as best you can, consider that a piece of content, such as a video, could become a valuable sales tool and save you time and effort.

If you’re reading this and you think you need help with content, Ember Television have a strong track record of helping to explain niche products and services, both B2B and B2C. Pick up the phone or send us an email, and we’d be delighted to work on a project with you.

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Author: Sam Willet

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Sam is a Producer and Client Manager at Ember Television. He has worked in online media since graduating with an MA in Film and TV from the University of Birmingham, and loves a good human interest story. You can contact him at [email protected]
In marketing, explaining what you do is half the battle



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