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How to organically grow your LinkedIn following
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How to organically grow your LinkedIn following

Author: Chloe Edgley | Posted on: 6 June 2018

How to get followers on LinkedIn

Building a large LinkedIn audience can lead to a wide array of benefits - from helping you to generate leads, build brand awareness, establish partnerships, and more. But how do you start attracting followers to your company page in the first place? Here are a few tips to help you organically grow your following:

1. Perfect your page

Your page should be fully perfected, optimised and enticing from the get-go - before you even think about inviting visitors to look at it. That means:

  • 100% completion: LinkedIn shows a preference for fully filled-out pages and will list these higher up in on-site search rankings. Make sure your ‘About us’ section is fully detailed, along with your location, industry, company size, founding year, contact information, overview, logo and cover image.

  • Attractive visuals: Make sure both your logo and cover image look attractive and eye-catching. Here are the current specifications for these image sizes so you can get them just right.

  • Optimising for search: Try to include relevant keywords in your company description, particularly in the first 160 characters - as this is what will be displayed in search engine results. Make sure you also use your full business name as your page name, so it’s as easy as possible for people to find you through a Google or on-site search.

  • Keeping company information up-to-date: Nothing is more off-putting than visiting a page and seeing it filled with out-of-date information, so make sure you frequently re-visit yours and update any old details. You should also update your careers section frequently with job postings, which can lead to an influx of followers who may find your page through job searches and connection suggestions.

  • Having plenty of content ready: When someone comes across your page, there should a variety of valuable posts already published to pique their interest and encourage them to follow you.

  • Creating showcase pages: These sub-pages highlight different departments, product categories or company initiatives. Their main purpose is to enable segmentation – allowing you to share specific content with targeted audiences and increase your brand’s reach.

2. Publish quality content regularly

Related to that last point, you should keep up a regular stream of useful and interesting content to engage your current followers and attract new ones. That means:

  • Targeting audience interests: Do some research on your consumer-base to find out what topics interest them and appeal to these. You can also check out LinkedIn’s ‘Trending Storylines’ feed to see what’s popular across the platform, then capitalise on these to create topical content that will attract clicks.

  • Posting regularly: According to LinkedIn, posting around 20 times per month will allow you to reach at least 60% of your audience. If you can post more than this than that’s even better, just remember to prioritise quality over quantity.

  • Using images and links on every post: Images and videos tend to attract more attention to posts, which will help boost your visibility. Posts with links also tend to attract 45% more engagement than those without.

  • Posting at the right times: For LinkedIn, this means posting Tuesday - Thursday during business hours for the highest engagement. Morning 7-8am, midday 12-1pm, and just before the end of the day at 5pm are reportedly the top times, with Tuesday morning being the best overall.

  • Posting company & industry insights: 89% of surveyed professionals said the topic they care most about on LinkedIn is industry news. Become the company that delivers this news to your audience by staying on top of industry developments and adding insightful commentary.

  • Optimising your posts for search: As with your company description, every post you make is an opportunity to incorporate relevant keywords that might help you get noticed in search results.

  • Limiting the self-promotion: Just like people on other social platforms, LinkedIn users are primarily on the site to connect with others and find content that interests them. Sales-heavy posts, therefore, don’t tend to do well and should be minimised as much as possible.

  • Connecting with top content-consumers: You can get your content shared and seen by a wider audience by connecting with some of the top content-readers on the site. LinkedIn has even written a guide about how to go about this.

  • Using analytics: Don’t forget to monitor the performance of your posts. This will teach you what kind of content does well with your audience, and therefore what the best way to engage them is. Here’s our quick guide on exactly how to do this.

3. Drive traffic from other sources

A great way to attract followers to your LinkedIn page is to utilise your other outlets to promote it. That means:

  • Featuring website links: Ensure you have clear and visible links to your company page on your site. These are usually featured within your site’s header and/or footer, as well as your contact page.

  • Adding ‘share to LinkedIn’ buttons: Adding this option allows visitors to share your website content as LinkedIn updates, encouraging more brand awareness for you on the platform.

  • Adding ‘follow’ buttons: You can also embed a button on your website using this plugin, which will allow visitors to immediately become followers of your LinkedIn page.

  • Implementing a LinkedIn widget: You can also create a LinkedIn widget for your website that will display information from your company page  and encourage click-throughs.

  • Including links elsewhere: Your email signature, your bio on guest blog posts, your your other social networks , your business cards, - wherever you can add a link in, the better. (And if you want to get really fancy, here’s how you can add a QR code to your business card to send people directly to your page.

4. Embrace employee advocacy

LinkedIn is a space for professionals to connect and engage with one another about their work - so one of the best ways to generate buzz around your page is to get your employees involved. That means:

  • Asking staff to list themselves as employees: Once they do so, they will automatically become followers of the company’s LinkedIn page, providing you with your core follower base. It also means that your company page and logo will now be displayed as an eye-catching link to anyone who visits their profiles.

  • Encouraging sharing: Asking your employees to share company updates as a regular habit can help to gain your posts more exposure and engagement with their connections across the platform. You can also encourage employees to publish guest posts to the page, so you become partners in producing content everyone can be proud to share.

  • Fostering engagement: Encourage company employees to actively engage with your posts by liking and commenting on them. This activity will spread to the feeds of their connections, gaining your page more visibility and intrigue.

  • Supporting networking: As your employee’s network of professional connections grows, so too does your company’s. Encourage employees to take advantage of relevant connection opportunities with peers, prospects, and customers when they arise to grow your following over time.

5. Stay active and get engaged

The rule of reciprocation means that we like to return interest if someone has already expressed it in us. LinkedIn is a social network, and in order to become a valued part of it you’ll have to get engaged. That means:

  • Engaging in others’ posts: Make a point of regularly looking through the content that your current connections and page followers are posting and liking, commenting, and sharing whenever possible.

  • Following other businesses: Spend some time finding other relevant businesses within your industry to follow and engage with their posts as well. Many will likely return the favour.

  • Creating an industry-related group: Groups are a great LinkedIn feature that allow you to foster a community around a specific industry subject. Consider creating one as a hub for those in your industry where you can share relevant news and facilitate interesting discussions.

  • Asking questions: Questions are a particularly effective way of demonstrating your interest in certain topics and generating lively discussions. Posts incorporating questions on LinkedIn actually get 50% more engagement than those without.

  • Demonstrating thought leadership: Keep on top of industry news, join relevant groups, and try to contribute valuable insights to discussions. Not only will this gain you more visibility across the platform, but it will make your company a leading and respected voice within your industry.

LinkedIn represents a community of 530 million professionals worldwide who are looking to make connections within their respective industries. Growing your own audience within this mass network takes time, but with patience and commitment, you’ll have a community of engaged followers in no time.

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Author: Chloe Edgley

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How to organically grow your LinkedIn following



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