Finding the audience for BCU's BA in e-sports management
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Finding the audience for BCU's BA in e-sports management

Author: James Cresswell | Posted on: 17 December 2019

When working on video projects for universities, one of the best ways to promote a course is to get the perspective of its students and alumni. For somebody considering a particular area of study, hearing the stories of those who have come before them – learning about their experience of the course, and finding out where they've managed to go since – can play an instrumental role in the higher education decision-making process.

So, a crucial challenge we faced when producing a video to promote Birmingham City University's BA course in e-sports management was the fact that this course is a completely new one, without a pool of current or former students to draw on.

Luckily though, the subject of the course is one with a sizeable and passionate global audience. Writing for We Are Social, Simon Kemp notes:

"The global e-sports audience is already double the size of the global audience for Formula 1 motor racing; 8 times bigger than the TV audience for the baseball World Series; and 10 times bigger than the number of people who watched the 2019 Super Bowl."

He also observes that this is an audience that intersects with the demographic most likely to be seriously considering higher education in the near future, with "the number of 16 to 24-year-olds watching e-sports ... growing [rapidly]".

Grabbing the attention of this audience of young gamers informed much of the character of the video: the kinetic cuts between vibrant stock footage shots showing the intensity of an e-sports tournament; the glitchy transition effects to emphasise the video game aesthetic; and the soundtrack, which is both appropriately fast-paced and reminiscent of the iconic 8-bit sound of classic game music.

All of this is paired with short pieces of text – prominently displayed, short, and to the point – which further drum up excitement about the course and what it can provide to students, concluding with a clear call-to-action that speaks directly to them.

These characteristics also make the video ideal for social media – the visuals capture the eye, and the punchy bursts of text get the video's point economically across without the need for sound.



As useful as it is to grab an audience's attention though, it's also ideal to consider the journey that your audience will go on after watching. To provide more detail and information to those interested, we also filmed an interview with Rob Black – COO of ESL UK, a company specialising in organising e-sports events – in which he gives an overview of how the e-sports industry is developing, and outlines the diverse skills that the industry will need in the future.


What is the target audience for your business? If you're looking to make a video that can get your message across to them, then get in touch with us here.

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Author: James Cresswell

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James is our copywriter and social media manager here at Ember Television. He joined us after studying an MA programme in Film and Television: Research and Production at the University of Birmingham.
Finding the audience for BCU's BA in e-sports management



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