"Find your own way": An interview with best-selling manga comic artist Buddy
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"Find your own way": An interview with best-selling manga comic artist Buddy

Author: Sam Lewis | Posted on: 11 May 2017

Yifan Ling, better known as her pseudonym Buddy, is one of China’s best-selling manga comic book artists. Her work has earned her an international reputation with millions of admirers worldwide. She has 20 books published and her online comic, Guarding, has been viewed 110 million times. One of her works is currently being turned into a film.

Before the rainy evening by Buddy

Buddy’s artist journey started in Birmingham. In fact, it began at Birmingham City University on the Visual Communications course, and her time there still influences her work: “My life in the UK inspired me to observe real people around me and bring them into my cartoon works, which I am still doing today.”

"Cactus", a children's book by manga artist Yifan Ling aka Buddy

In this short film, we hear how it all started, what it was like working with her mentor Andrew Kulman, see her drawing techniques, and the moment she realised she could break convention and follow her own imagination.

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Author: Sam Lewis

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Sam is a Senior Producer at Ember Television. As well as working with clients across a diverse range of sectors from around the world, he has a particular interest in technology and creative ideas - especially when the two combine. Sam has lived in Birmingham since graduating with an MA with distinction from the University of Birmingham. https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=212330069&trk=spm_pic https://twitter.com/Ember_Sam https://plus.google.com/u/0/114860284513033737192/posts
"Find your own way": An interview with best-selling manga comic artist Buddy



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