Case Study: Heart2Heart & Ember Television

Case Study: Heart2Heart & Ember Television

Posted on: 5 February 2014

The Client

brap is a Birmingham-based charity that describe themselves as a "think fair tank":

"inspiring and leading change to make public, private and voluntary sector organisations fit for the needs of a more diverse society. brap offers tailored, progressive and common sense approaches to equalities training, consultancy and community engagement issues."

The Project

Health inequality is one of a range of issues that brap tackles. Last year, life expectancy figures showed that people in the UK are living longer and healthier. A deeper look at the statistics revealed that this isn't the case for everyone.  There are many complex reasons for this, but one of the foremost is that marginalised groups don't have equal access to vital health services.

brap recognise that when it comes to healthcare, everyone has different needs. These may be cultural, such as the importance of the gender of the doctor, or personal, like not feeling comfortable in large groups.  Whatever these may be, brap recommend service redesigns that consider the diverse range of user needs in today's society, with better outcomes for everyone.

Heart2Heart is a continuation of this work. Funded by the Big Lottery, the project is aimed at older people who have had a cardiac episode. In particular, women from BME backgrounds aged 50+.  Research shows that the uptake of cardiac rehabilitation services by women from these groups is amongst the lowest of any social group.  The project provides cardiac patients with peer supporters, who befriend and listen to their partner, sharing their own experiences and most importantly, raising awareness of the conditions that cause cardiac episodes.  With this information, the chance of future episodes is reduced, creating a better quality of life for the patient.

Heart disease is our biggest killer red and black graphic

The Brief

We were tasked with producing a short film that gave an overview of Heart2Heart, targeted at stakeholders with the aim of raising awareness of the project. It also had to reflect their approach to these topics: informed, thoughtful and well-researched, but presented in a natty, down-to-earth style.  The video had to strike a fine balance between recognising the vast scale of health inequality without making the audience feel as if they were being lectured on health policy.

Our Response

Because of the scale of the problem and the sophistication knowledge of the stakeholders, Heart2Heart is rooted in social and medical research. As well as having high production values, the content required vigorous editorial standards to reflect the integrity of brap and their work.  Writing the copy required in-depth research of the issues involved.

Once the research was done and the copy written, it was important that the tone of the video was light and engaging.  We developed the concept behind the graphic design and music to ensure this was reflected in the final video.

Another requirement was to show the volunteers and how they had benefitted from taking part in the project.  Filming and interviewing this group of ebullient ladies was fantastic, and was the easiest part of the production.  

Lorna, a volunteer with brap heart to heart project

The Results

The client was delighted with the video, describing it as "spot on". We were grateful for the opportunity to work on the project. We wish everyone involved in the project the best as they continue to challenge social inequality and remind us of those rights that many take for granted.


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Case Study: Heart2Heart & Ember Television



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