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#ContentCatchUp: Take advantage of that New Year fresh start
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#ContentCatchUp: Take advantage of that New Year fresh start

Author: Chloe Edgley | Posted on: 11 January 2018

Welcome to the second installment in Ember’s newest blogging series: #ContentCatchUp.

2018 is officially underway now, and it’s the perfect time to revamp your marketing strategy. Take a step back to review your goals and decide which aspects of your approach have helped you progress so far, and which haven’t. Replace what’s not working with ideas based on the latest stats and research to keep you on-track, and keep that New Year energy up! Here are this week’s top reads:

Content CatchUp

Previously, on the Ember Television Blog:

Content Marketing: 
Using user trends..

Video Marketing: 
There’s no reason left not to dive into video this year..

Visuals in vogue..

Thought Leadership: 
On getting ahead of the curve..


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Author: Chloe Edgley

Chloe Edgley gravatar avitar
Chloe is our copywriter here at Ember Television. Her interest in telling stories led her to study English with Creative Writing at the University of Birmingham, where she developed a specialised interest in screenwriting and digital media.
#ContentCatchUp: Take advantage of that New Year fresh start



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