#ContentCatchUp: A look at Peaky Blinders' explosive finale
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#ContentCatchUp: A look at Peaky Blinders' explosive finale

Author: Ember Television | Posted on: 8 April 2022

Over the last nine years or so, Peaky Blinders has brought the eyes of the world to Birmingham. Here at Ember, we’re certainly hopeful that this is only the beginning of a boom in great film and TV production in Birmingham and the West Midlands – and our featured article this month takes a little look behind-the-scenes of one of the Peaky finale’s most eye-catching moments.


Peaky Blinders came to an end on Sunday (3rd April) following almost a decade on screen, and while we get over the fact that it's really finished, the series' crew have been letting us know just how they pulled it all off. The exterior of Tommy's home had been filmed at Arley Hall in Cheshire, so it was fair to assume the crew hadn't blown it up for real.However, we now learn that wasn't too far off, as SFX supervisor Danny Hargreaves has revealed on Twitter…”

A look at Peaky Blinders’ explosive finale (James Hibbs)


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Author: Ember Television

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#ContentCatchUp: A look at Peaky Blinders' explosive finale



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