#ContentCatchUp: A spotlight on the Oscar-nominated short films of 2022
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#ContentCatchUp: A spotlight on the Oscar-nominated short films of 2022

Author: Ember Television | Posted on: 3 March 2022


The Oscars are on the horizon and this year’s ceremony is being met with some criticism over the decision to not include certain categories as part of the live broadcast – among them the short film categories, and a number of technical categories. As Collin Souter explains in our featured article, the shorts categories are always a hotbed of creativity, experimentation, and technical innovation – and 2022’s nominees are no exception.


“The Oscars, for better or worse and with varying degrees of success, have always been about celebrating film in all its forms. Without these three [short film] categories, some of the year’s best, most innovative films (no matter their length) would go largely undiscovered. Short films have their own form and deserve the same treatment as the features.”

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Author: Ember Television

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#ContentCatchUp: A spotlight on the Oscar-nominated short films of 2022



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