#ContentCatchUp: the first festive ads of 2021
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#ContentCatchUp: the first festive ads of 2021

Author: Ember Television | Posted on: 18 November 2021


The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting colder, and – just as inevitably – Christmas ads are starting to hit our screens. The featured article in this week’s #ContentCatchUp takes a look at how this year’s offerings from the big brands are drawing on a mood of hopefulness and optimism after the strangeness of last year’s festive season.


“Whilst 2020 and Covid-19 meant many creative studios and agencies couldn't film in their usual settings, reaching instead for animation and stop motion, this year seems to present quite a mix of mediums. Overall, there's a mood of optimism and joy as many of us prepare to spend a "normal" Christmas with family and friends when many of us couldn't last year.”

A look at the first festive ads of 2021 (Katy Cowan)

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What’s the best software for editing audio? (Jourdan Aldredge)

Errors to steer clear of before hitting “record” (Alyssa Miller)

Some guidelines and pointers for starting a vlog (Martha Kendall)

The marketing and content industry

The ad agencies selling a sustainable future to consumers (Ellen Ormesher)

What does the post-COVID future of marketing look like? (Rebecca Sentance)

The Open University’s award-winning strategy for inspiring an audience (Marketing Week)

Creative inspiration

Over 70,000 NASA photos combine to make a timelapse of the Sun (Jaron Schneider)

Photocollage and animation tell the story of a legendary New York club (Ina Pira)


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Author: Ember Television

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#ContentCatchUp: the first festive ads of 2021



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