#ContentCatchUp: Behind the rise of remotely-filmed ads
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#ContentCatchUp: Behind the rise of remotely-filmed ads

Author: Ember Television | Posted on: 28 October 2021

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic and resultant lockdowns, remote filming has become one of the defining hallmarks of content produced over the last year and a half. Our featured article in this latest #ContentCatchUp looks at what went into some of the most memorable and inventive remotely-filmed ad campaigns. Elsewhere, our creative inspiration section takes a little delve into the spirit of Halloween.


“Adversity can often provide an opportunity for emotive storytelling and bring creative work that feels compelling to fruition. The past year has felt intense in many ways for lots of sectors and individuals. Within the advertising industry, organizations had to get smarter, think outside the box and adapt to the changing world quickly … The show must go on though, as they say, and this alien way of working soon produced some fantastic campaigns.”

A look at the secrets behind remotely-filmed ads (Amy Houston)


Content production

DJI announce a thrilling combination of gimbal and camera (Todd Blankenship)

The best cameras for vlogging (Hannah Rooke)

A run-down of ten of the most common types of camera shot (Amy Horton)

The marketing and content industry

The NHS on the importance of marketing and communication throughout the pandemic (Manny Pham)

October’s stand-out social media campaigns (Lizzy Hillier)

The rise of short-lived “ephemeral” marketing on social media (Kati Chitrakorn)

Creative inspiration

How Midnight Mass made its horrifying monster with practical effects (Mason Downey)

The most affecting opening scenes in horror cinema (Michael Walsh)

A gravity-defying celebration of the outdoors, in this new Burberry ad (Eliza Williams)

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Author: Ember Television

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#ContentCatchUp: Behind the rise of remotely-filmed ads



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