#ContentCatchUp: The campaign to bring Bake-Off all over the UK
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#ContentCatchUp: The campaign to bring Bake-Off all over the UK

Author: Ember Television | Posted on: 29 September 2021


In #ContentCatchUp, we take a look at the articles that have piqued our interest over the last month – spanning from practical content production insights, to links that have inspired us creatively.

This week's featured article looks at how Channel 4 embarked on a show-stopping campaign to promote the eagerly awaited new series of The Great British Bake-Off, transforming iconic landmarks into delicious-looking creations.




“A series of short films on TV and social media merge glorious cakes and bakes from within the Bake Off tent with the real world - from coastal cliffs exposing the UK’s Victoria sponge centre and a Battenburg lorry on a busy motorway to tractors lifting Lamingtons and the construction of a mille-feuille tower block.”

How Channel 4 is bringing Bake-Off escapism to landmarks around the UK (The Drum)

Content production

Got a Sony camera? A new app can turn your smartphone into a remote monitor (Jourdan Aldredge)

The cameras that revolutionised low-budget filmmaking (Jon Stapley)

Kit ideas for budding filmmakers starting out (Angel Saunders)

The marketing and content industry

When is it right to play with the conventions of branding and marketing? (Mark Ritson)

What marketers need to know about new greenwashing guidelines (Jessi Baker)

Riz Ahmed and Adobe’s UK Creative Council hope to bring positive change to the field (John McCarthy)

Creative inspiration

Wes Anderson releases a stylish animated music video in advance of The French Dispatch (Thom Waite)

The artistry and ambition behind the Internet’s weirdest videos (Jason Hellerman)

B&Q’s latest ad uses texture-rich stop-motion animation to bring DIY to life (Eliza Williams)

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Practical politics: striking a balance between passion and employability

How kinetic typography can enrich your next video project

A course video that addresses students’ concerns


Author: Ember Television

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#ContentCatchUp: The campaign to bring Bake-Off all over the UK



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