#ContentCatchUp: Week 11, 2020
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#ContentCatchUp: Week 11, 2020

Author: Robin Powell | Posted on: 11 March 2020

Here’s a selection of the very best articles on the subject of content marketing that I’ve been reading over the last couple of weeks. If there’s anyone whose work you think we should feature in future, please let us know.



Google’s insights on viewing habits should shape how you make video content (Think With Google)

The changing shape of marketing in the 2020s (David Kellis)

How The Guardian’s marketing strategy worked to turn its fortunes around (Matt Barker)

How can you stop perfectionism from getting in the way of productivity? (Alice Boyes)

Creative inspiration

Apple’s latest #ShotOniPhone ad is an ambitious, five-hour-long one-shot (Kyle O’Brien)

The latest episode of Reply All is a podcast storytelling “masterpiece” (Hannah J Davis)

Tilda Swinton’s nine film recommendations from around the world (Tilda Swinton)

Content production

Five Sundance Festival filmmakers discuss what goes into making a great short film (No Film School)

What ingredients make up a good content idea? (Louisa Wallace)

Visual content ideas for any budget (Dennis Shiao)


Social media 

Some insights from 2020’s Social Media Marketing World conference (Mark Schaefer)

Four brands turning to social media for purpose-driven marketing (Nikki Gilliland)

How brands can get social media storytelling right (Gareth Leeding)



How International Women’s Day was celebrated in advertising (Ellen Ormesher)


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Author: Robin Powell

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Robin worked for many years as a television journalist with ITV, Sky and the BBC. He is the founder of Ember Regis Group and heads up Regis Media, a niche provider of content marketing for financial advice firms. He blogs as The Evidence-Based Investor and also works as a consultant to disruptive companies in the financial services sector. https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=45830333&snapshotID=&authType=name&authToken=6sSD&ref=NUS&trk=NUS-body-member-name https://twitter.com/ember_robin
#ContentCatchUp: Week 11, 2020



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