#ContentCatchUp: Week 05, 2020
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#ContentCatchUp: Week 05, 2020

Author: Robin Powell | Posted on: 29 January 2020

Every fortnight, my Ember Television colleagues and I scour the internet for the very best articles on marketing, content and social media. Here’s our latest selection.





Are creative professionals losing sight of the importance of playfulness? (Karl Toomey)

Shutterstock’s predict a resurgence in “roaring ‘20s” aesthetics in the new decade (Imogen Watson)

The secret to producing effective case studies (Juliet Stott)

How remote working teams can operate as if they were in the same room (Emilie Moreland)

Diversity in the creative industry is as good for the industry as it is for society (JP Hanson)

Content production

A few lessons on visual storytelling from master cinematographer Roger Deakins (V Renée)

How Danielle Lurie used filmmaking skills to set her business apart from the competition (Sharon Steel)

Are traditional animation styles making a comeback? The Oscars shortlist suggests so (Jenny Brewer)

Social media

How a luggage retailer built their brand with social media storytelling (Nikki Gilliland)

A look at a common problem faced when building an audience on social media (Mark Schaefer)


Why advertising needs a review process (Craig Davis) 

How to make the most out of carousel ads (Thibaud Clement)

The story behind Greenpeace and Aardman’s animated ‘Turtle Journey’ campaign (Imogen Watson)


SEO costs time and money – when is it time for businesses to make the leap? (Damon Burton)

What is the biggest SEO mistake that content marketers tend to make? (Joe Lazauskas)

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Author: Robin Powell

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Robin worked for many years as a television journalist with ITV, Sky and the BBC. He is the founder of Ember Regis Group and heads up Regis Media, a niche provider of content marketing for financial advice firms. He blogs as The Evidence-Based Investor and also works as a consultant to disruptive companies in the financial services sector. https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=45830333&snapshotID=&authType=name&authToken=6sSD&ref=NUS&trk=NUS-body-member-name https://twitter.com/ember_robin
#ContentCatchUp: Week 05, 2020



Marketing is about give and take

Brands need to be able to adjust their marketing strategies according to the kind of people they want to attract. In the age of instant communication, how a brand chooses to communicate with their audience is of paramount importance.


Why should brands be interested in experiential marketing?

With consumer tastes gravitating further towards experiences as opposed to just products, how can marketing follow suit?


How can content curation make your brand valuable?

Getting your message heard amongst the overflow of information online can sometimes feel like a fool's errand. But, through content curation, businesses can find benefits in this surfeit of choice.


How does music play into the distinctive atmosphere of Peaky Blinders?

Music is a big part of the BBC's Peaky Blinders. But how does the show's distinctive sonic identity help to convey its gritty, sinister atmosphere?