Answering the right questions with course promos
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Answering the right questions with course promos

Author: James Cresswell | Posted on: 27 May 2021

At any stage of a person’s life, entering into higher education is a big decision. It’s a time when a prospective student will have many questions in their mind, ranging from general ones about course content to more personal considerations about their own future.

So, when promoting a course, how can you hone in on addressing these more personal student concerns?

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Outline their future prospects

Just as important as the content of the course are the doors that it opens up for students after graduating. As QS, the publishers of the International Student Survey, note:

“In our recent [survey], we asked prospective international students what graduate outcomes are most important to them. Respondents stated a high graduate employment rate (58%), a high rate of students going into their preferred industry (56%), and how quickly students find employment after graduating (56%).”

There are many ways in which a video can address this question. For example, one promo video we worked on with Birmingham City University’s Faculty of Computing, Engineering and the Built Environment is based around getting prospective students excited about the range of jobs that the course can prepare them for – presenting an energetically-edited montage of shots from industries as broad as games development, automotive engineering, and film production.

Taking a different approach too, another video that we worked on with City, University of London, features Business School alumni talking about their current professional lives and how their courses helped them to get there.

Shed some light on the student experience

Following on from that last example, student and alumni perspectives can play a pivotal part in reassuring students about what day-to-day university life will actually be like. This has been particularly important during COVID – as we’ve seen through working on a number of student vlog-based projects about how the university experience has changed under pandemic conditions. During “normal times” too though, it’s really valuable for students to have a relatable peer’s insight on general course topics like managing workloads, securing work placements, and choosing modules.

As well as focusing on the everyday student experiences, as in our “Day in the Life” student videos; this is also a great opportunity to highlight the more unique experiences that students can have as a result of your course. This video that we worked on with BCU’s School of English, for example, features students talking about the array of opportunities and projects they’ve undertaken while studying English – ranging from a marketing internship, to developing a collaborative board game project with students from other disciplines.

Demystify the process

Especially during the pandemic, explainer videos have been a really valuable tool for communicating the changes that have taken place across countless industries. In the case of education, the shift towards more purely digital learning prompted the creation of the video below – which outlines the support offered to online students, and explains how they will be introduced to the e-learning platforms.

Straightforward explainer content like this can be used to demystify all areas of the application process. This can be particularly helpful for older students who may have been out of education for a long time; as well as for international students, who have more steps to take when applying for university.

Choosing a university and a course can be one of the most pivotal choices in someone’s life, and it’s important for a course’s promotional materials to reflect that. With the many types of content that it’s possible to produce – from general explainer videos, to more personal vlog content – video can be the ideal tool for answering those questions and addressing those concerns.

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Author: James Cresswell

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James is our copywriter and social media manager here at Ember Television. He joined us after studying an MA programme in Film and Television: Research and Production at the University of Birmingham.
Answering the right questions with course promos



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