A Christmas Wish: Share Your Knowledge in 2019
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A Christmas Wish: Share Your Knowledge in 2019

Author: Sam Willet | Posted on: 7 December 2018

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Ah, December. Frosty mornings, fairy lights, and the inevitable looming dread of the statutory stress-riddled shopping spree. It’s also the end of the calendar year, where bloggers and journalists have an excuse to summarise, conclude, and generally say things they’ve said before but in a different way. So I will.

At Ember, we want to help our clients achieve success through transparency and customer education. Our Christmas wish is for more people to share their knowledge, because it’s a behaviour that benefits customers and businesses, and creates a symbiotic route to success.

Here’s a breakdown of the reasoning:

  • If you share your expertise and product information with your customers and succeed in educating them, they are more likely to understand the value of what you offer.

  • This will build trust in the relationship you now have with them. Because your customer is no longer ignorant about what you provide and how you do it, any negative bias or scepticism, always likely to arise in a seller-customer relationship, is lowered.

  • Also, giving the customer the knowledge to understand your product or service, especially why it costs what it does, sets their expectations. As a result of this, they will be happier to pay what you ask.

  • As long as you consistently share your knowledge over the longer term, you will give your customers peace of mind. In return, they will not only pay you for your work, but they will also be loyal. By educating your customer, you’ve made them comfortable with you and more likely to stick around for the long term. Just to illustrate the point, in a 2016 survey by Label Insight, 94% of respondents said they were likely to be more loyal to a brand that offers complete transparency. 56% said they would be loyal to that brand for life.

So really, knowledge sharing should be thought of as a basic minimum of customer service. It’s just as important as showing up when you say you will. If you’re not communicating with your clients and conveying your expertise then, depending on your industry, people may view you as unprofessional or even suspicious.

Remember, brand messages, products, and services can change frequently. In fact they often do, especially in younger companies that are trying to bring something new or disruptive to market. However, your mission should be more grounded - your goals should stay roughly the same, so always come back to the need you are fulfilling, and what it means.

At Ember, we can help you to share your knowledge effectively using high quality content. Think back over the last year - is this something you could have done more of? Are you helping people enough, and are you creating evangelical clients for yourself along the way?

In this example, Anthony Morrow of evestor, a digital financial advice service, talks about how you can get ready to invest. Through educational content, evestor are helping to prepare potential users for their service, as well as gaining their trust by trying to help them.

We think knowledge sharing is win-win. So, if this month you are deciding on marketing strategy and budget for next year, you’d do well to have customer education at the heart of your plan.

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Author: Sam Willet

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Sam is a Producer and Client Manager at Ember Television. He has worked in online media since graduating with an MA in Film and TV from the University of Birmingham, and loves a good human interest story. You can contact him at [email protected] https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=294919697&authType=name&authToken=k-zK&trk=prof-proj-cc-name https://twitter.com/ember_samw
A Christmas Wish: Share Your Knowledge in 2019



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