7 tips for building trust
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7 tips for building trust

Author: Robin Powell | Posted on: 8 September 2017

7 tips for building trust

Most firms would like more clients, and that, undoubtedly, is a major motivation behind content marketing. Over time, regularly producing and sharing high-quality content that’s accessible, relevant and engaging does, most definitely, help firms to win and retain business.

But content marketing is also about building trust, and of course, the two are connected. The more trustworthy you are as a business, the more likely people are to do business with you, and to remain clients of yours in the future.

There isn’t a single sector where trust is not important; and there are some, particularly professions such as financial advice, law and medicine, where it’s absolutely essential.

Marketing Insider Group CEO Michael Brenner recently posted an excellent article on this subject, in which he quoted two different studies:

  • Bonfire Marketing found that 63% of customers will opt for an authentic brand when making a purchase
  • Accenture found that 43% of subscribers left their current provider company when they lost trust in the brand

Michael then gives seven tips for building trust through content marketing:

  • Be consistent in your brand story
  • Resolve customer complaints
  • Be personable and personalise
  • Demonstrate transparency 
  • Use social proof on your website 
  • Join the social responsibility movement
  • Be authentic

Read the full post here:

7 tips for busing trust with your content marketing

Author: Robin Powell

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Robin worked for many years as a television journalist with ITV, Sky and the BBC. He is the founder of Ember Regis Group and heads up Regis Media, a niche provider of content marketing for financial advice firms. He blogs as The Evidence-Based Investor and also works as a consultant to disruptive companies in the financial services sector. https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=45830333&snapshotID=&authType=name&authToken=6sSD&ref=NUS&trk=NUS-body-member-name https://twitter.com/ember_robin
7 tips for building trust



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