2017 rundown: the top 6 adverts

2017 rundown: the top 6 adverts

Posted on: 3 November 2017


Online video is quickly becoming the fastest growing medium for people to digest information on, satisfying their news or entertainment needs. According to Cisco, by 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic. Video-on-demand traffic alone will have almost trebled.

It’s hard to not find statistics on the subject that don’t illustrate how fast video is growing; therefore it is essential that even small businesses don’t fail to include it in their marketing strategies.

However, it’s important to remember that video marketing doesn’t always have to be dry - firing facts at the viewer left right and center. Think about it, if you get your message across in a subtle way or simply raise a few questions, the viewer will be left thinking about the subject, meaning they are much more likely to remember your content.

This week, we wanted to show some of our favourite adverts of 2017 so far, to highlight what we think makes for great video content; a springboard to inspire and get your creative juices flowing.

First up:

Uber Advert of the year

This advert from Uber cleverly looks at the ‘green’ issue. Recently, Uber has had some very bad press after Transport for London decided not to renew its license to operate in the capital. Even though Uber apologised and admitted they ‘got things wrong’, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this would be hard for them to come back from - but we think this advert couldn’t have come at a better time.

Amid all the negative press coverage, we forget that taxis, buses, and trains actually help get cars off the road, easing congestion and the amount of greenhouses gases pumped into our atmosphere. In cities like Birmingham and London, traffic can add up to 40 minutes onto journey times. Uber cleverly, and subtly, allude to this, leaving viewers thinking about the benefits of their service.

channel 4 idents advert

Channel 4's fantastic new ‘’idents’' cover multiple society talking points including disability and immigration. Their press material claims they are looking to “personify the broadcaster’s unique values and public service remit to take creative risks, inspire change and represent a diverse range of voices across the U.K.” Again, they don’t throw statistics at the viewer, they present very simple images and sequences that get their message across effectively.  

common sense advert

This advert from Common Sense in the US had to go into this list because of its funny approach, displaying how organisations can use humor in their video content, while still making a statement. Similarly to the previous adverts, Common Sense is airing a serious issue - losing family and friends to their phones. While the content is darkly comical, behind the amusing facade is a serious issue - mobile devices have made us more disconnected from our immediate surroundings.  


BETC  and Petit Bateau introduce Tough Days - with some captivating camera angles, this advert perfectly captures the energy of youth. 

With a whole host of video content at our fingertips, it’s great to stand out from the crowd where you can, and changing the perspective and camera angle is a really simple way of doing this. Imagine watching the ads between The X Factor, all of which have the same perspective and message, then this comes on with its quirky direction. You’ll remember it.

gnome ikea advert

Similarly to the previous advert, IKEA has used an interesting animation to be memorable and get a giggle out of viewers. As mentioned, you don’t have to have a thought-provoking, big message in your video, a clear storyline, and clever production can suffice.

And always watch out for the Gnomes if you’re planning on getting some furniture from IKEA anytime soon.

h&m erdem advert

The last video we picked was this stunning showcase from H&M X Erdem and there is one way to describe it - a cinematic experience. Directed by Baz Luhrmann, this video is a magical mirage of colours, sucking you in and taking you on a journey. 

This shows that even the simplest videos can grab attention if you have a good story. 

So, there is our run down. Never be afraid to break boundaries or think of new and exciting ways to present your organisation; this is the content that will get noticed.


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2017 rundown: the top 6 adverts



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