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About Ember Television

Ember Television is far more than a video production company.

To start with, all our content is broadcast-quality. Technically, creatively and editorially, it’s of the same standard you’d expect to see on a major television network.

But producing outstanding videos is just part of what we do. We tailor your content for whoever you’re trying to reach. Once it’s produced, we deliver it directly to that target audience, through a combination of PR and social media. And, to ensure you see the return on investment you’re looking for, we carefully track the response.

In today’s viral environment, video is a hugely effective way of gaining exposure. But our clients want much more than that. They want to share ideas. They want to influence opinions and behaviour. Ultimately they aspire to be the go-to experts in their field - otherwise known as thought leaders.

Our strategic and evidence-based approach, combined with decades of production experience and our in-depth knowledge of the latest developments in digital marketing, mean we’re fully-equipped to deliver all of those results.

Whatever your goals, let’s start a conversation. 

You, us and your ideas. Together, who knows what we might achieve? 

So, come on, what's your idea?

About | Ember Television



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